We are developing the future of air travel and transportation. This is the UAV and  passenger air transport we are dreaming of:

  • High flying speed (400-500 km/h)
  • Long range (up to 3000-4000 km)
  • Effectiveness: comparable or better than land transport (0,1- 0,2g of fuel / kg load /km)
  • Large and convenient compartment for payload
  • Takeoff weight up to 50%

We have designed, tested and created a prototype of such an aircraft.

We take pride in our special  aerodynamic configuration as well as our leading-edge AI control system.

  • KAITE UAV Model2



We are planning to build KAITE, an autonomous UAV with the following key features:

  • A time-tested aerodynamic scheme flying wing
  • Special designed wing fans (electric or gas turbine) for vertical take-off and landing
  • Triple redundancy of control systems, fuel supply, power supply and safety
  • Impellers with special aerodynamic profile, integrated into the body
  • Fuel powered propulsion system of own design
  • Autonomous AI control system based on neural networks and blockchain technology
  • Complete safety of people on the ground and passengers during the flight. We use a multi-level control system handling more than 5000 parameters at the same time.
  • Innovative exhaust gas neutralization system
  • Permanent commercial operation at temperatures from -40 to +55 ° C
  • Featuring an additional preseason autonomous (inertial) navigation system that does not depend on the quality of the GPS signal and interference
  • Control system that automatically controls flight at low altitude with an accuracy of 1-2 m and a speed of up to 400 km / h
  • Cost of flight/hour: less than 90 $
  • Basic version of the aircraft with take-off weight 900-1000 kg
  • Vertical take-off and landing on small platforms 7х7 m (will not damage surfaces like asphalt, wood etc.)
  • Dimensions: L/W/H (m): approximately 4,5/5,6/1,5 (easy shipment in containers)
  • Flight range 3000-4000 km
  • Cruising speed 400-500 km/h
  • Compartment for the payload: 1,3 m³.
  • Payload up to 450-500 kg or four people.
  • Fuel consumption 0,1-0,2 g of fuel / kg / km
  • Robotic wheels can be rotated in 360°. Autonomous parking in hangar.


KAITE Prototype – Development Steps Until Now

  • Calculations of the aerodynamic and strength characteristics
  • Mathematical simulation of device behavior in different flight modes
  • Mathematical simulation of machine stability with a wide range of dynamic loads
  • Created more than 12 reduced models of the device for various tests
  • More than 10 tests in a wind tunnel
  • Eight extensive environmental climate tests
  • More than 200 flight test of models
  • Patent for the main engine
  • Substantial tests of the AI control system

Based on calculations and testing, we have defined the technical details for an aircraft weighing 900-1000  kg.

At present, a draft project for the creation of an unmanned cargo line with a length of up to 4,000 km and a volume of transportation of 250 tons per day is being discussed with potential partners.

We have defined the technical conditions for the creation of an aircraft for an unmanned, non-stop, round-the-world flight with automatic refueling in the air.

We have developed the technical conditions for a special jet for competitions / races (as in the Formula 1 races).

In parallel, we are developing main and lifting engines. The first tests showed unique characteristics.


We are an international team of data scientists and aircraft designers and engineers headed by renowned experts in their fields. Our research agenda covers a broad spectrum: Electronic Systems, Aviation Design, Plasma Hydrodynamics, Video Analytics , Predictive Technology, Optoelectronics and Photonics Sensors.

We combine new developments in Aircraft Construction, Computer Vision and Big Data analytics to create KAITE.

Our international sales and marketing organization is based out of Munich, Germany. We are currently active in Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain but welcome investors from all over the world.


We are happy to provide more infos and enter into a dialogue with you.

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  • Sergey Sherbakov: sergs@deepeyes.co (English, Russian)
  • Eva Lang: eva@deepeyes.co (German, English)
  • Jan Wansink: jan@deepeyes.co (Dutch, English, German)

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